Lisbon in Monochrome

February 2020

My dear girlfriend and I, had a short visit in the beautiful Lisbon in February 2020. The weather was a dream coming from Denmark with wind, rain and 2 degrees celsius. Here we walked right into the sun and 20 degrees for 3 days. 

Even though I didn't plan to actually shoot any street photographs, the light and surroundings just invited me to use the camera. Lisbon is maybe one of the nicest cities in Europe to photograph in. The light, the colors, the atmosphere, the people. So warm and friendly.

Normally I would have shown color images from a city like that. But somehow I just felt that a more hard contrast and monochrome could do something as well. 

If you don't know Lisbon - then I really would recommend a stay in the nice city. Photographing or not!

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